A Disneyland Paris Cast Member Snatched A Ring Mid-Proposal

    A Disneyland Paris cast member is being criticized online after a viral video showed him interrupting a couple’s dream wedding proposal.

    This moment was shared on Reddit, and shows a couple in the middle of an engagement proposal on what looks like a small stage area in front of the park’s castle, Le Château de la Belle au Bois.

    The man was down on one knee, when a Disney cast member swoops in, grabs the ring, and motions the couple to leave the stage.

    Apparently, the man had asked for permission first and was allowed to be in that location. The male partner can be heard uttering something along the lines of: “She said yes,” the man says. The worker replies, “Yes, that’s great — over here will be even better.”

    A number of boos can be heard as onlookers watch the scene unfold, clearly baffled by what is going on.

    “We regret how this was handled,” a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”