Alice in Wonderland

    Take the role of Alice and wind along a curving path surrounded by surreal sights, dazzling colors and madcap music on her adventures in Wonderland.

    You’ll board your own giant, colorful caterpillar and journey through the White Rabbit’s House, Tulgey Wood and the Queen’s Garden. Encounter Wonderland locals The Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, The Cheshire Cat and more.

    After 50 years, Alice in Wonderland continues to be a favorite stop in Fantasyland for both children and adults.

    Fun Facts:

    • Alice in Wonderland is a unique Disneyland Park ride, so you won’t find it any other park around the world.
    • In 1984, the painted cut-outs of the original attraction were replaced with three-dimensional characters.
    • The ride went through refurbishments in 2014 that brought in new projection effects and new safety features.
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