Astro Orbiter

    Want to ride high and get a great view of the Magic Kingdom? The Astro Orbiter is the ride to get on. Hop into the 2 passenger rocket that levitates high into the air in Tomorrowland.

    This type of ride didn’t exist until 1974 when Tomorrowland underwent an expansion while they created Space Mountain.  Star Jets was based off the Disneyland version. The difference was in Disneyland they resemble rockets and the Magic Kingdom resembles Space Shuttles.The Astro Orbiter was born after Disney revamped Star Jets.

    Each rocket accommodates two guests with one in front and one behind as opposed to side by side. Cast Members may load one adult plus two small children in some cases. It’s tight quarters so guests riding solo may way to request their own vehicle, and larger adults may be more comfortable requesting their own as well.

    Fly high in the sky with Astro Orbiter!

    Fun Facts:

    • The Astro Orbiter does 11 rotations per minute.
    • The Astro Orbiter averages 1.2 million miles a year.