Avatar Flight of Passage

    Jump aboard this 3-D flight simulator and ride over the landscapes of Pandora.

    The Flight of Passage queue is one of the longest, most detailed queues at all of Walt Disney World. Walk up the abandoned cave dwellings and see the wall paintings that tell the story of Na’vi. As you continue you head on into the research lab that showcases different experiments. Don’t miss the sleeping Na’vi avatar that is in the water filled tube in the lab. You may miss that she actually twitches and moves.

    As you enjoy the pre-show, know that the first few times you ride you will get a different pre-show experience as the scenes are randomly chosen.

    Once your ready for the attraction you’ll board your own mountain banshee and embark on the thrilling expedition. Flight of Passage features a nearly 100 foot screen stretched across 3 floors of seating to create an edge-to-edge experience that immerses you in the action. Motion seating tilts you gently from side to side while the entire floor drops up to 8′ at a time.

    Fun Facts:

    • Throughout the ride the airbags on your legs will inflate and deflate to stimulate the banshee’s breathing.
    • The ride’s queue is one of the longest queue lines at Disney World.
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