Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

    Help defeat Evil Emperor Zurg with this interactive shooting attraction. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger spin opened in 1998. This ride is based upon Evil Emperor Zurg stealing the batteries used to power the space vehicles of the little green men.

    Enjoy defeating Zurg by using the pistols to shoot laser beams at the “Z” targets.  As you are able to spin 360 degrees try to get the highest score.

    • Level 1 Star Cadet: 0 – 1,000
    • Level 2 Space Scout: 1,001 – 10,000
    • Level 3 Ranger 1st Class: 10,001 – 100,000
    • Level 4 Planetary Pilot: 100,001 – 300,000
    • Level 5 Space Ace: 300,001 – 600,000
    • Level 6 Cosmic Commando: 600,001 – 999,998
    • Level 7 Galactic Hero: 999,999+

    The Best Targets:

    • The highest and farthest targets are worth the most.
    • The orange robot in the first room has a target on his left hand. Shoot it and you can get 100,000 points.
    • Don’t miss the claw on the orange robot. It is also worth 100,000 points.
    • The top of the volcano in the second room is worth 50,000 points.
    • The spinning target in the second room is worth 25,000 points.
    • The third room you will see a target on Emperor Zurg’s ship. Hit it and score a large amount of points.
    • The batteries at the bottom of the ship are worth 50,000 points.

    Fun Facts:

    • If you remember from 1872 when this layout was built the ride was originally called, “If You Had Wings” which was sponsored by Eastern Airlines. This ride has had many changes until it eventually landed as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.
    • If you pay attention you will catch a glimpse of people on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.
    • The highest score you can get is 999,999. If you achieve this, talk to a cast member and they will typically give you something special.
    • The lasers are approved by the FDA and are not supposed to be harmful.