Country Bear Jamboree

    Enjoy one of the last attractions that Walt Disney personally helped develop.

    Watch as audio-animatronic figures rise up from platforms, descend from ceilings and appear behind curtains. Most of them are bears who perform country music.

    Originally, this attraction was supposed to be at Disney’s Mineral King Ski Resort in California. Unfortunately, the ski resort never opened so the imagineers moved the plans to Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom which opened in 1971.

    Character Facts:

    • Henry – The Master of Ceremonies of the show. Voiced by Peter Renaday.
    • Liver Lips McGrowl – Got his name from his very large lips. Voiced by Jimmy Stoneman
    • Wendell – His role was reduced in October 2012 when the song, “Fractured Folk Song” was removed. Voiced by Bill Cole.
    • Teddi Berra – She is the bear that from down from the ceiling on a swing. Voiced by Patsy Stoneman.
    • Ernest – Plays the fiddle. Originally voiced by Van Stoneman but in 1975 his vocals were rerecorded by Randy Sparks.
    • Terrence – He is also known as Shaker. Voiced by Van Stoneman
    • Trixie – Having a slight crush on Henry she is voiced by Cheryl Poole.
    • Big Al – The fattest bear on stage. Voiced by Tex Ritter.
    • The Sun Bonnet Trio – This includes Bunny (Voiced by Jackie Ward), Bubbles (Voiced by Loulie Jean Norman) and Beulah (Voiced by Peggy Clark).
    • Gomer – He was refurbished in 2012 and instead of being brown is now a deep burgundy red.
    • The Five Bear Rugs – Zeke (Voiced by Dallas Mckennon but his solo was removed in 2012), Zeb (Voiced by a member of the Stoneman family), Ted, Fred, and Tennessee (Voiced by a member of the Stoneman family).
    • Baby Oscar – Zeb is his father and doesn’t say a word.


    • “Pianjo”
    • “Bear Band Serenade”
    • “If You Can’t Bite, Don’t Growl”
    • “My Woman Ain’t Pretty (But She Don’t Swear None)”
    • “Mama, Don’t Whip Little Buford”
    • “Tears Will Be the Chaser For Your Wine”
    • “How Long Will My Baby Be Gone”
    • “All the Guys That Turn Me On Turn Me Down”
    • “Heart, We Did All That We Could”
    • “Blood on the Saddle”
    • “The Ballad of Davy Crockett”
    • “Ole Slew Foot”
    • “Come Again”

    Fun Facts:

    • A movie titled, The Country Bears was released in 2002 based on this attraction.
    • During 1984 this attraction had a “spin-off” called, The Country Bear Christmas Special that ran through the winter season.
    • The Simpsons have referenced the show multiple times. Homer has previously stated, “ It’s like a freakin’ Country Bear Jambaroo around here!”


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