Disney Addresses Coronavirus Concerns

    Disney Executive Chairman CEO Bob Iger began the company’s annual shareholders meeting by acknowledging that the coronavirus has presented big challenges for Disney.

    The virus has forced Disney to shut down their theme parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo and is presenting a huge challenge within the cruise industry.

    The outgoing CEO said the company is “sobered ” by the ongoing coronavirus situation, but believes the future for Disney remains bright.

    “These are challenging times for everyone,” Iger said.

    “Disney has been through a lot, including wars and economic downturns and disasters. We are incredibly resilient. Our future has always been bright and it remains so for good reason,” Iger added.

    As of Wednesday, the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, are both still open and are following “high standards of cleanliness and health and safety protocols.”

    Those protocols include training cast members on cleanliness, having specific “cycles” for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens and other facilities at the end of every day and frequently cleaning outdoor walkways and queues.

    Disney has also added more hand sanitizing stations around the parks and have listed their locations on the park’s app.

    It is unclear if coronavirus concerns has affected attendance.