Disney may have temperature checks once reopened

    In a interview with Barron’s, Disney Executive Chair Bob Iger said that absent of a vaccine in the very near future, there could be more restrictions before entering a Disney park, such as checking guest temperatures.

    “Just as we now do bag checks for everybody that goes into our parks, it could be that at some point we add a component of that that takes people’s temperatures, as a for-instance,” he told the magazine.

    He also added that he and the team at Disney are “very carefully” studying China’s actions in terms of the country’s return to normalcy.

    “One of the things that’s obvious is they’ve conscripted a large segment of their population to monitor others in terms of their health,” he said. “You can’t get on a bus or a subway or a train or enter a high-rise building there — and I’m sure this will be the case when their schools reopen — without having your temperature taken.”