Disney offers new details of Journey of Water, Moana Attraction at EPCOT

    Disney has shared some new behind-the-scenes looks at the Journey of Water, Moana attraction at EPCOT.

    Journey of Water is a new attraction coming to EPCOT as Walt Disney World overhauls the front of the park between Spaceship Earth and World Showcase. It will allow guests to explore and engage with water as it travels from our skies to our oceans and back again.

    The upcoming attraction is taking shape as Walt Disney Imagineering team and crew of artisans have begun sculpting the rockwork in this immersive exploration trail. The team has created many original pieces that focus on the dynamic movement of water as it travels around the experience.

    Journey of Water is a garden attraction featuring interactive fountains and other water features leading from the current Innoventions Plaza down to The Seas Pavilion. Anchored by a massive topiary of Te Fiti, Journey of Water serves as a whimsical exploration of the water cycle and how it sustains our world.