Disney World attendance has plummeted 80%

    Disney World, which reopened its them parks in July, is operating at 80 percent less than last year, according to data published by Deutsche Bank.

    “While Disney World appears to be lagging the COVID case reduction, we would expect the data to relieve some of the admissions pressure in the near future,” the bank’s analysts said in a note to clients. “At present, Epcot and Animal Kingdom are outperforming Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.”

    Disney recently announced it was slightly reducing the operating hours of Disney World, CEO Bob Chapek noting in the most recent earnings call that attendance was lower than anticipated due to increased cancellations.

    Although this isn’t the best news, it seems the parks are still operating a profit. Disney’s chief financial officer Christine McCarthy said that Disney World was “operating at a positive net contribution level.” The company didn’t disclose specific admissions figures, and her comments could be a good sign if the parks are still accretive even at massively muted attendance levels.