Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes Some New Guests

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently welcomed two baby animals.

    The first baby animal–a female prehensile-tailed porcupine–was born on February 25. The other new baby, a Hartmann’s zebra foal, was born early Saturday. The female zebra, which doesn’t have a name yet, is about 65 pounds and was standing within 30 minutes of birth.

    “Already very active and curious, this little lady is much like her mother and has very long legs,” Dr. Mark Penning, vice president of Animals, Science and Environment for Disney Parks, wrote in a blog post.

    The Zebra foal was the third zebra to be born at Disney World this year, and after bonding with mom for a few weeks, they’ll go onto the Kilimanjaro Safaris Savannah.

    The porcupette (the adorable term for a baby porcupine) is in good health, and she looks fuzzy and adorable in photos released this week.

    Peri (the new porcupette’s mom) was previously was featured on the Disney+ documentaries “One Day at Disney.”

    Porcupettes are covered in a fine red fur coat, but they’re also born with their tiny quills underneath, which begin to harden hours after birth.

    Births of both the porcupine and the zebra were part of the Species Survival Plan program, which ensures responsible breeding of thousands of species of animals. While the parks are closed, these new additions and all the other animals at Walt Disney World are receiving continued care from the Disney Animal Care team.

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