First reactions to Disney’s live-action ‘Mulan’

    The latest live-action adaptation of a Disney classic, Mulan, is coming to theaters later this month. The first round of reactions have been very positive with audiences declaring it a gorgeous film that’s so good the songs aren’t even missed.

    Niki Caro directs the big-budget  take on the original 1998 animated film which follows Hua Mulan (Yifei Liu) as she disguises herself as a man to join the Imperial Chinese Army. After the Emperor of China (Jet Li) conscripts one man from each family to face Bori Khan’s (Jason Scott Lee) invading Hun army, Mulan secretly takes her ailing father’s place.

    So how is it? Well great, apparently. Many are calling this one of Disney’s best live-action remakes yet if not the best.

    Here is just a sampling of what the audience is tweeting: