Hidden Mickeys at the Magic Kingdom

    Have you been in a Disney park and thought to yourself that the image your looking at looks like a Mickey head? Well, you might have found one of the many ‘Hidden Mickeys”‘  Disney Imagineers have hidden all over Disney World.

    Although some Hidden Mickeys won’t be too difficult, others are so hidden that they’ll take a serious detective’s eye to get a glimpse. Here are some of the more popular “Hidden Mickeys” that you can find at the Magic Kingdom.

    It’s a Small World

    The wait time sign forms a Hidden Mickey if you slightly title your head to the left.

    Once on the ride in the Africa room, search for purple leaves hanging from the ceiling (by the giraffes) that form many Hidden Mickeys.

    In the Hawaiian section, there is a hidden Mickey. It is located on the swim trunks of the surfer. There is a purple shape of Mickey’s head at the top of the trunks.

    The Haunted Mansion

    Look at bottom left corner of the banquet table in the ghostly party scene. You’ll find two a Hidden Mickey made of two saucers and a plate.

    About half way through, there are two big spider on a web on the left side. The second spider is wearing a red Mickey tie on his back.

    As your leaving the graveyard on your right is the fat lady singing. Right next to that is a tomb with a grim reaper ghost. The ghost is holding up his left arm. In that hand he is holding a Mickey head.

    Splash Mountain

    About halfway through the attraction, in the jumping water room, look to your right and find a turtle floating on its back on a small geyser. Now look above and behind the turtle for a plastic bobber attached to a fishing line and you’ll find the Hidden Mickey.

    In the “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” scene, you’ll recognize the Hidden Mickey lying on his back in the pink clouds to the right of the riverboat.

    Space Mountain

    Every third window of stars while you wait in line has a Mickey constellation.

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    A black Hidden Mickey is suspended in front of the left side of an upper-story window in the room with women chasing men in circles to the left of your boat.

    As you enter the ride’s main building in the standby line, look for four large gun cabinets hanging on both sides of the wall. The locks on the cabinets Hidden Mickeys.

    Carousel of Progress

    In the Christmas scene, look for a Mickey nutcracker and a Mickey plush toy in a box under the Christmas tree.

    In the final scene, watch the son’s video game. As the ship leaves port you will spot a hidden Mickey.

    Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

    When entering the scene where Sebastian is signing “Under the Sea”, you can see several purple corals that form Hidden Mickeys.

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

    During the ride, guests pass by a woman who is having her hair done while waiting for her train. On the woman’s belt buckle is a Hidden Mickey.

    Swiss Family Treehouse

    As you walk down up and down the treehouse stairs, look for a giant tree trunk. In the bark and moss is a camouflaged Hidden Mickey.

    Peter Pan’s Flight

    The sign above the standby line entrance includes a Hidden Mickey.