Journey Into Imagination With Figment

    Journey into Imagination takes you on a tour of the zany Imagination Institute. Watch as Figment causes trouble during this musical adventure when Dr. Nigel Channing proves how the five senses capture your imagination. 

    Fun Facts:

    • The storyline was different when the attraction was originally open. It used to be a ride where Figment was learning to use his imagination. 
    • Figment is purple because Kodak was originally sponsoring the ride. When we think of a dragon we think green but green is the color for Fuji film which would have brand interference.
    • Disney removed Figment and “One Little Spark” for 3 years until they finally listened to their fans. 
    • Need a bathroom when in this part of the park? There are “secret” bathrooms  as soon as you get to the entrance of the attraction. Turn right and keep walking. 
    • Check out the Hidden Mickeys! On the dry erase board in the sight room you will see one. Don’t miss the Mickey ears on the headphones. 

    After the ride

    Don’t miss the next attraction where you can stay and play with games and sensory activities.