Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

    Sit down and enjoy Lightning McQueen discussing what he has learned throughout the years by racing.

    During the 10-minute show, guests will be taking on the role of rookie racer as they enter the theater and find themselves face-to-face with Lightning McQueen, who appears live on stage.

    Enjoy the show with a 17-foot-tall wraparound screen that measures 200 feet end to end. This screen is used to display racing cars, and because the screen is so large, watching these races is surprisingly immersive. Some even say they feel like they’re actually racing.

    One thing that is clear, Lightning McQueen shows that things don’t always go according to plan. Don’t worry because with the help of Mater and a few other friends from Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen will get back on track.

    Fun Facts:

    • DJ has made his way across Rt 66 bringing his own music mix.
    • The show does not offer FastPass+ reservations.
    • Lightning McQueen isn’t the only character featured in the show. Other favorite friends such as Tow Mater and Cruz Ramirez are seen during the show, and at one point there is even a bit of drama with the infamous Chick Hicks.