Mad Tea Party

    Inspired by the Mad Hatter’s party from Alice in Wonderland, the ride twirls you around in an oversized teacups. The best part is you get to control how fast you spin. Start with 18 pastel-colored teacups. Put six of them on each of three turntables. Then put those turntables on top of one larger one. The result is dizzying, to say the least.

    The ride is so popular that it has been recreated in nearly all of Disney’s theme parks. The only theme park without a tea cup ride is the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland. It has a similar ride called “Hunny Pot Spin,” based on Winnie the Pooh’s adventures instead of Alice and her pals.

    Have a very Merry Unbirthday.

    Fun Facts:

    • Don’t miss the Dormouse popping his head out of the large teapot in the middle of the turntable!
    • The ride is covered in all parks except Disneyland.  Why? If the turntables get saturated they won’t spin anymore.