Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

    Get the chance to ride in the Millennium Falcon during flight! Be the pilot, engineer or gunner while dodging danger at every turn.

    Guests approaching the attraction will see all 110 feet of the Falcon parked outside the spaceport, periodically venting gas as technicians tinker with the temperamental craft.

    The attraction puts multiple guests into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, where they each have a specific job during a mission. The outcome of the ride’s events and the performance of the guest gives them a reputation that affects other experiences within Galaxy’s Edge beyond the ride itself.

    If you bring back the Millennium Falcon “banged up” at the end of your mission you’ll wind up on the list of a bounty hunter; if you end up on Harkos’s list you won’t want to head to the local cantina, or else you might face a big problem there — or so we hear.

    See if you can succeed in your mission.

    Fun Facts:

    • This is a 6 passenger motion simulator that takes you on a smuggling mission.
    • The cockpits are on a patented carousel system so it always appears there is only one cockpit.
    • All 200 buttons, switches, and levers in the cockpit do something but the indicator rings will clue you as to which ones to push.
    • There are 3 random missions.
    • To reduce the potential for motion sickness the screens are not attached to the ride vehicle.