Mission: Space

    If you get motion sickness easy or don’t like tight spaces this may not be the ride for you. 

    If you don’t mind that and want to see what it is like to be an astronaut, get on board. This attraction offers guests a one-of-a-kind experience. Mission Space launches visitors into a simulated space adventure with a pulse-pounding liftoff followed by the sensation of weightlessness in outer space. Each mission has a 4-cadet crew.

    You get the chance to play one of these roles.

    • Navigator
    • Pilot
    • Commander
    • Engineer

    Throughout the ride, you will get instructions to help this be a successful mission. This ride offers two different experiences. Don’t know which way to go? 


    Orange is a more intense mission to Mars. Get ready for an intense ride. The motion you are experiencing is due to a centrifuge that actually spins and tilts you.


    While Green orbits the Earth. This is a friendlier version that creates a gentle, although still exhilarating ride. It does not spin and is less likely to cause motion sickness. 


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