Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

    Ride on one of the beautifully wood-carved horses on this carousel and listen to organ based Disney music for 2 minutes. This ride was previously named Cinderella’s Golden Carousel.

    This attraction has hand-painted scenes from Cinderella on top.

    The carousel was built in 1917 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and known as The Liberty Carousel. The carousel went to Bell Isle Park in Detroit, Michigan before being moved to Olympic Park in Irvington, NJ. Then in 1967 The Walt Disney Company purchased it. The carousel was repainted and placed in the Magic Kingdom for opening day in 1971.

    The Disney Imagineers went to great lengths to have the Magic Kingdom’s carousel stand apart from all other carousels in the world. That gold you see decorating the horses is real, made of 23-karat gold leaf. In addition, real silver and bronze adorns these horses. Also sparkling and gleaming are the over 2,300 shimmering lights that glow amidst this attraction at night.

    Fun Facts:

    • There are 90 wood-carved ornate horses and 1 carved chariot
    • There is a horse with a golden bow on its tail. This horse may be Cinderella’s Horse. There is much debate around this.
    • During the installation in 1971 at the Magic Kingdom, Roy O. Disney noticed that the carousel was slightly off-center from the Cinderella Castle breezeway and needed to be realigned. It was moved 8-inches to its present-standing position.