Rhinos Receive Fitness Trackers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Disney has announced that guests aboard the Kilimanjaro Safaris may notice some of the rhinos sporting new fitness trackers as part of a new initiative to track Rhino health and activity.

    The trackers have built-in accelerometer, which will allow Disney to track the distance they cover running and walking around the savanna. It will also help them better understand their sleeping and napping schedules.

    Disney is taking this step to better understand the role of physical fitness in the overall health of rhinos. This is part of a larger, collaborative research project with rhinos from accredited zoos and wildlife centers across the U.S.

    Once complete, this research will be compiled and shared with animal care professionals at 74 AZA-accredited facilities all over the world. This research help ensure rhinos receive the best care for many generations to come.