Shanghai Disneyland Reopens With Strict Social Distancing Protocols In Place

    Shanghai Disneyland Park has reopened to a reduced number of visitors after being closed since late January because of Covid-19.

    The park is reopening with strict restrictions in place. Visitors will have their temperature checked before entering. Upon arrival, their first stop will be a health screening checkpoint where they’ll show their reservations to employees and have their temperatures checked. Admission will be denied to anyone whose temperature is over 99.3℉ or 37.3℃.

    Guest will also need to wear masks at all times. The park is also keeping visitor numbers “far below” 24,000 people, or 30% of the daily capacity, a level requested by the Chinese government.

    “We will have cast members, throughout the park, doing continuous wiping down, sanitizing and disinfecting all the high-touch surfaces,” Andrew Bolstein, senior VP of operations for the Shanghai park, said. “We will have cast members at the entrance of every attraction reminding our guests to maintain social distancing.”

    On the rides “we have put markers on all the rows, all the benches, to indicate where your seat is. And if they don’t have markers, that’s not a place to sit. So, it’s greatly reducing capacity of the ride, but allowing for social distancing which is most important at this stage” he added.

    Tickets for the Shanghai park’s first few open days were released on May 7 and sold out very quickly.

    “We hope that today’s reopening can serve as a beacon of light across the globe, providing hope and inspiration for everyone, and can demonstrate that we can overcome any challenge together,” Joe Schott, president and general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, said at a ceremony.

    As for the US, Disney announced that Disney Springs, part of Disney World, will begin a phased reopening on May 20th. Other Disney Parks locations will remain closed for now, including theme parks and hotels. No date has been set for other Disney parks to reopen.