Shanghai Disneyland Tickets Sell Out in Minutes

    Shanghai Disneyland has sold out all their of tickets for its May 11 reopening after a four-month shutdown.

    Shanghai Disneyland says it’s taking “a deliberate approach” as it reopens. The park will require physical distancing, sharply reduce capacity and visitors will be required to wear face masks at all times, unless they are eating.

    Usually, that park sees around 80,000 visitors per day, but the government has mandated Disney operate at 30% capacity, or about 24,000 visitors.

    Guests are required to purchase their admission tickets before arriving at the park, and annual pass holders will need to make reservations. Disney has also implemented the government-issued Shanghai Health QR code, a contact tracing and early detection system that is used widely in China.

    The process will begin when guest arrive at the park gate. Before they are allowed to ebter, guests will go through a temperature screening and a check of their personal QR code – reflecting their “green” or “red” status on a phone-based app that is now required for travel and other activities during the pandemic.

    “Only guests with a green Health QR Code will be allowed to enter the resort,” Disney says.

    The park’s reopening marks a tentative step toward Disney’s recovery from a global health crisis it blamed for lopping $1.4 billion off profit last quarter.