Spaceship Earth

    Spaceship Earth is Epcot’s centerpiece. It was an opening day attraction at the park, and the structure has been the symbol of Epcot ever since. Inside the iconic structure is an impressive 15-minute trip back in time to explore the origins of human communication and its evolution over time.

    You’ll also have a chance to design the kind of future you want to live in using the touch screen inside your vehicle. Answer several brief questions and get ready to see what your tomorrow looks like!

    Fun Facts

    • It took slightly over 2 years (26 months) to build Spaceship Earth.
    • Spaceship Earth is 180 feet in height. At its lowest point, it stands 18 feet off the ground.
    • The surface of the structure is covered by nearly 1,000 panels made from a highly polished form of aluminum which are as smooth as glass.
    • The inner sphere (which houses the ride) is 165 feet in diameter and the outer sphere (the silver panels) is 180 feet in diameter. The outer sphere is held about 2 feet away from the inner sphere.
    • There is a built in draining system so the guests underneath don’t get soaked.
    • Because of the attraction’s prime location at the front of the park and its incredible attention to detail, Spaceship Earth is the most visited attraction at Walt Disney World.
    • Spaceship Earth could actually be fully submerged in the main tank at The Seas!
    • Disney considered several different designs for the Spaceship Earth building, including a Roman building, a dome, and a suspended map. They also considered coloring the sphere gold, similar to a building from the 1967 World Expo in Montreal.
    • Scar from The Lion King used to narrate Spaceship Earth. 
    • There is a secret trapdoor to the roof that was used to film commercials.