‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’ Set for 2024 release on Disney Plus

    Disney today announced during its animation panel at San Diego Comic-Con, that Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be released in 2024 on Disney Plus.

    Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be an animated series that follows a young Peter Parker as it chronicles the events before Spider-Man’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

    The series is set to explore more of the web-slinger’s comic book origin stories, a part of the character that has been hinted at but largely missing from the MCU. Despite being a prequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland will not be lending his voice to the project amidst uncertainty about the actor’s future in the MCU.

    Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be arriving on Disney Plus sometime in 2024.