Test Track

    Create your own virtual concept car and then buckle up in a 6-passenger car to test it out. Hold on as you drive through the obstacles of the difficult terrains and winding circuit. Looking for a fast ride? Test track gets up to speeds of 65 mph. 

    After the ride, guests can see how their car did overall, film a commercial, and race their designs.

    The Chevrolet Design Team and Disney’s Imagineers collaborated heavily on the project, blending imaginative and engineering ideas from each other’s world of design. The attraction is an incredible combination of the thrills of a ride mixed with the fun and satisfaction of automotive ideation and design.

    Fun Facts

    • Opening three years later than scheduled, Test Track claims the record for the most delayed attraction in Disney parks history.
    • This is the fastest Disney attraction and also the longest!
    • The track itself is just shy of one mile in length at 5,246 feet with 2600 feet being outdoors, and it takes about 5 ½ minutes to travel through the ride’s simulated tests.
    • Although this ride actually travels at 65 miles per hour, the design of the track gives guests the feeling of travelling at 90 miles per hour because of the 50-degree angle of the outside track.
    • At an estimated cost of $300 million, Test Track is the most expensive theme park attraction in the world.