The Hall of Presidents

    Learn about the story of our nation’s founding. The show combines a widescreen theater presentation of key highlights and milestones in the political history of the United States with a short stage show featuring life-size animatronic replicas of every US president.

    See the struggles along the way, like the formation of the Constitution, the American Revolution and the Civil war. You get to relive Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg address and listen to John F. Kennedy.

    The Hall of Presidents originally would have been wax figures in Walt Disney’s vision. Yet, the power of technology took over the attraction. The New York World’s fair 1964-1965 is when he unveiled his audio-animatronic version of Abraham Lincoln (his favorite president), which would later stem into the attraction we know and love today!

    Fun Fact:

    • The Hall of Presidents made its debut on October 1, 1971, making it an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom.
    • As an homage to patriotism, the building that holds the Hall of Presidents was designed to look like Independence Hall in Philadelphia.
    • There are only 44, not 45 figures of presents on stage. Why? Grover Cleveland served as the 22nd and 24th president.
    • A hidden Mickey can be found on the sword held by George Washington in one of the lobby’s portraits.