The Haunted Mansion

    Hope in a “Doom Buggy” in this dark ride attraction where 999 happy haunts roam inside a haunted manor. The ride is slow moving and the ghosts are friendly so no need to be scared.

    This attraction opened in 1971 and in 2007 and update opened with an elaborate transformation of new sound, video and audio.

    While waiting online you may notice the graveyards. Watch out because you can actually see the tombstones come to life.

    After entering the building you will enter a doorless chamber. Here you will meet the Ghost Host that will take you on the Haunted Mansion tour. During the Ghost Host’s speech the room will start to stretch.

    After leaving the chamber you will walk your way to the Doom Buggy’s. Just beware sometimes these friendly ghosts can hitchhike and follow you home.

    The Family Story:

    The family that is in the graveyard killed each other for their wealth. The graveyard members: Uncle Jacob, Bertie, Aunt Florence Drea, Wellington, Forsynthia, Cousin Maude.

    • Bertie killed Jacob with snake poison
    • Florence killed Bertie with a gun
    • Welling and Forsynthia killed Florence for with a rogue shot
    • Maude killed the Welling and Forsynthia with her croquet mallet
    • Maude killed herself by putting matches in her hair and accidently set it on fire.

    Fun Facts:

    • The Florida version is slightly longer than its California counterpart.
    • There is a murder mystery for guests to solve featureing the sinister Dread Family. If you get on the fast pass line you will miss this completely.
    • The photopass photography was added in 2019 and takes the picture at the final portrait in the portrait gallery.
    • The doorless chamber is actually a slow moving elevator.