The Oasis Exhibit

    Enjoy a stroll through trails and feel the relaxation of the waterfalls and streams. Stroll shady trails past gentle waterfalls, meandering streams, imported flora and fascinating creatures.

    Keep your eyes open for the local residents of the Oasis: giant anteater, boar, barking deer, wallabies and spoonbills. Although, this exhibit is designed for the comfort of the animals and there is no guarantee that you will see them. To get a better chance go to this attraction in the morning.

    Fun Facts: 

    • The Oasis Exhibits are the first attraction guests will encounter upon entering the Animal Kingdom. They are located in the park’s “Oasis” section.
    • The Oasis Exhibits usually close up to an hour after the rest of the Animal Kingdom, so consider visiting prior to exiting the park if you miss the trails upon entering.