Tom Sawyer Island

    Explore Tom Sawyer island with the dirt roads and tall trees. Navigate narrow passages amid secret mined caves and uncover a frontier fort. Cross over the River of America aboard a piloted log raft to get there.

    Accessible only by raft, the island is a walk through attraction. This is a great haven to unwind where adults can sit on rocking chairs and watch the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom across the Rivers of America, while relaxing amidst the shade of the great oaks, pines, red maples, elms and sycamores.

    Previously maps were handed to everyone that went, but now there are permanent maps throughout the island to know where you are.

    Check out the three main highlights on the island:

    1. Joe’s Cave
    2. Magnetic Mystery Mine
    3. Fort Langhorn

    The island was there when the Magic Kingdom opened but they didn’t open Tom Sawyer island until 1973.

    The cabin on the island used to appear as though it was on fire, but in 2005 it had to be turned off due to a pipe corrosion issue. While the cabin is still present, it doesn’t burn anymore.

    You used to be able to eat on the island at Aunt Polly’s Dockside Inn but this has been closed since 2015.

    Fun Facts:

    • For Langhorn used to be known as Fort Sam Clemens
    • Sam Langhorn Clemes was Mark Twains’ real name
    • They used to hide 6 paintbrushes every morning and whoever found them would win a prize. While this is not offered anymore, there is still plenty of magic around the Magic Kingdom.
    • Each raft is name after a character from the book.