Toy Story Mania

    Opened in 2008, the attraction will take you inside Andy’s room through a toy chest full of classic games before picking up a pair of special 3D glasses. Then you board a carnival-inspired tram and compete to get the highest score.

    The attraction uses four-passenger vehicles, with two players sitting on each side of the vehicle. Each guest has his own “spring-action shooter” to fire virtual objects, such as eggs and rings, at the simulated carnival games. The individual games last 30 seconds and the entire attraction lasts about five minutes.

    Scores are kept on the center console. At the end of the game you get to see how you’ve faired against the best scores of the day. Celebrate your winner by tossing virtual confetti.

    While waiting in the queue you make your way through a toy chest full of games and come face to face with Mr. Potato Head. Voiced by Don Rickles, he will interact with the audience and sings and tells jokes.

    There are 5 games, plus 1 practice round:

    • Pie Throw Practice Booth – no points are awarded but this is a target practice game
    • Hamm & Eggs – Use hard boiled eggs to throw in the barnyard
    • Rex & Trixie’s Dino Darts – Launch darts to pop balloons
    • Green army Men Shoot Camp – Throw baseballs at dinner plates
    • Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers – Catch some aliens with a ring toss
    • Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery – Shoot at Woody’s Roundup with suction-cup-tipped darts

    Tips for High Scores:

    • Hard to hit targets are worth more.
    • Aim for the secret targets that will release “Easter Eggs”.

    Fun Facts:

    • This attraction features 150 PCs.
    • If the loading/unloading takes longer than needed, you will have a non-scoring shooting round, so you can still shoot targets.
    •  The costed Disney $80 million from start to finish.