Wildlife Express Train

    Take a train ride through the Conservation station in Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

    Board the Wildlife Express Train for a peaceful 7-minute, 1.2-mile journey and get a close-up look at the inner workings of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Travel past animal housing and veterinary facilities and enjoy fascinating educational activities for all ages.

    Fun Facts:

    • There are three locomotives that operate; their numbers are 02594 (Red), 04982 (Black), and 00174 (Green). The first of them is named R. Baba Harpoor, in honor of Imagineer Bob Harpur.
    • Originally Disney’s plans were to take guests on a train through the Savannah plains. These plans were changed due to animal safety.
    • The Imagineer, George McGinnis came out of retirement to design the locomotives.
    • The three locomotives used to run as actual steam, but as of today the railway uses a diesel-hydraulic mechanism.