‘Wonder Man’ Series in the Works at Disney+

    Filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) has teamed up with Andrew Guest (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community) to bring to life a Wonder Man series for Disney+.

    Wonder Man, also known as Simon Williams, is a stunt man and actor that becomes a celebrity when he gains superhuman powers. The character was first introduced by Stan Lee in the 1964 issue of The Avengers #9, but truly gained prominence in the 1980s as a founding member of the hero group’s Los Angeles division.

    In the Marvel comics, Williams inherited his father’s industrial munitions plant but fell on hard times due to competition with Stark Industries. Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil steps in and gave Williams superhuman powers. At Zemo’s behest, Williams befriended the Avengers, pretending to be their ally, and lured them into a trap. However at the last minute changed his mind and saved the Avengers, eventually joining their ranks.